Celebrities With Epilepsy

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Hey everybody!

I`m not sure how many of you are familiar with epilepsy, but it’s a neurological condition that affects around 50 million people worldwide. From age 4 to 12, I was a part of this group before I fortunately outgrew my seizures.

I chose to write this post because since I used to have epilepsy and I consistently communicate with celebrities, I wanted to investigate whether some of them have walked my path.

Here are some people you may know…

Agent Smith from The Matrix movies — actor, Hugo Weaving

He had epileptic seizures ever since he was 13. Even though he hasn’t suffered one in years, Weaving still doesn’t have a driver’s licence, but that doesn’t stop him from delivering terrific acting performances. 

Lethal Weapon film star, Danny Glover

He experienced epilepsy from age 15 to 35. He created a way of concentrating (as a type of self-hypnosis) to prevent future seizures. That`s unreal he could master his mind and body that way. A talented actor and a great success story. 


He’s probably the most famous current celebrity who was born epileptic. It was fascinating to find out in this 2009 interview, how early in his career he tried to cover up his condition by being “as flashy and noisy” as he could. Explains a lot. I think it took guts for him to publicize that. Epilepsy has long had this stigma that you want to keep it quiet because you didn’t want to be teased or discriminated against.

What Prince did was a good first step. It’s important people find out more, so they can be compassionate and understand the condition doesn’t define the individual it affects.

I think it’s inspiring Prince, Glover and Weaving have accomplished so much in extremely competitive entertainment fields despite their challenges.

They’ve showed the world epilepsy doesn’t have to be a prison sentence.

If you have been diagnosed or know someone with epilepsy, there are organizations that can help you including the Epilepsy Foundation, Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, Epilepsy Halton Peel Hamilton and Epilepsy Action.

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